Who we are?

Are you looking for a real partner to help you in building your company presence online and to bring you closer to achieving your online aspirations?
Here we are.

Jash Technologie delivers high-quality websites and online stores. Our intention is to provide you with the most pleasant online selling experience from start to finish.

Feel invited to benefit from tailor-made solutions reflecting the best price/quality relationship in the market. The payment models we suggest are either based on hourly rates or fixed fees for a complete „Beginning-to-End” package – a comprehensive process designed to create an entire web project from concept to completion, including its development, hosting and maintenance.
Customised and personalised solutions require the programmers to maintain start-of-the-art knowledge. Therefore, our team is well-versed with various technologies, including PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. While choosing the most advanced technical solutions, our aim is to move beyond an outsourcing-only approach and offer you a true partnership.

Being recognised for quality by PrestaShop – one of the worlds most popular open-source e-commerce software – we invite you to discover our offer and get ready to explore the benefits of the modern e-commerce.


What we offer?


If you are either a web or marketing agency or a web software specialist, this point might interest you. What we can provide is the work of our programmers, accomplished and experienced, so that you could manage your time and human capital in the most efficient manner, focusing completely on your core business objectives. Desiring to improve your competitive advantage in the market, our team guarantees the following key benefits:


Give yourself the freedom of smooth reorganisation and restructuring in workforce and direct your human resources towards areas where you need them the most.


No more production delays. No more investing in complex recruiting and training processes. Competent programmers might be at your disposal from one day to the next.


Not just technical skills and diploma though, but, first and foremost, the ability to make any application a user-friendly experience is of highest value. We can assure you that our programmers think about that in the first place.

The best price/quality relationship

You may find a great deal of website development offers which are cheaper than ours. However, even if taking the cheapest route may seem to work better with your budget, it can cost you more in the long run. In Jash, you get a guarantee of the best services at best prices.


Are you an online stores seller, an e-commerce expert or a freelance consultant? Perhaps you are a one man army who provides a full e-commerce service to your clients? Jash Technologie invites you to cooperation in creating web platforms for your customers.

Solution 360ᵒ

Our offer embraces the realisation of the whole web project, from the graphic design and technical implementation, through installation and hosting to maintenance and training. We therefore equip you with the final product adjusted to your customers’ needs and expectations.

Quality services

Trust is the foundation for any successful partnership in business. You may be sure that work delivered to you will be of a highest quality. Whatever the technology involved, our talented programmers as well as anglophone and francophone specialists will be of your assistance in the implementation of websites and online shops.

Cost control

As we offer fixed contractual prices related to all stages of the project, you are acquainted with the clear cost estimate from the very beginning. That allows you to control the profit margin.

Free yourself from technical contingencies. From now on convincing your clients to choose the right solution should be your only concern.


Our expertise goes beyond the implementation of websites and online stores, as we would be glad to help you in their usage, management and administration. Our English, French and Polish-speaking team will lead you through the process towards optimisation of existing online shops, covering activities such as:

hosting, supervision, administration, customer service, responding to customer inquiries, content management (i.e. product catalogue extension, description enrichment) and what is more, forum moderation, small design works… as many of tasks as you can outsource in order to control the costs better and focus on your core business.

Get access to the resources you need to be successful. Reduce your risk and administrative costs by taking advantage of solutions tailored to your business.


Being present online is not something that just simply happens. Launching your online store and customising the look of your website in order to meet your goals require specialists who are ready to sit down with you, learn about your business and help you in choosing the most appropriate solutions. We offer you complete service at each stage of the process:


Our account managers will help you to clarify your goals and choose the most effective solutions to build a beautiful store that sells. Whether to prepare the scope statements or decide on suitable technical options, they consistently go above and beyond to help.

Graphic design

We believe that visual identity is significant to business as it may reflect the company’s DNA. Therefore, we make every effort to create custom and stylish web design that remains consistent and beautiful.

Maintenance and after-sales service

Let us help you manage your store on the go. We offer our expertise and services in the process of websites and online stores usage, management and administration. We will take care of everything so you can have a peace of mind.


As PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS experts, our programmers constantly master start-of-the-art technologies to provide you with effective tools and extend the functionality of your e-storefront.

Start selling online today and we will help make your online business a huge success.


Looking for employees for a certain period?

To meet your business needs we offer strengthening your team with highly qualified and motivated professional programmers. Many years of experience in the IT industry has taught us that recruiting and training professional staff require an investment of time and money. It is not a necessity anymore. Competent programmers might be at your disposal from one day to the next.

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